Get Seen!

Our Instagram page is growing!  With over 58K followers, there is plenty of opportunity for you to get seen.  We share content on our main page and on our story.  Read below for details!

Get Seen: Instagram Main Page  

If we love it, we share it.  It is as simple as that!

Cost: $0

We do not charge to share photos & videos.  But... how do we determine what we love?

The first thing we look for is the quality of the photo & video, regardless of the content.  Is your photo high definition?  Is it free of background clutter (random furniture, your cat,  etc.)?  Is it free of ad text?  Does your dance video have great sound quality?  Is it filmed close up so we can actually see you?  This is our foundation.

Once the photos & videos have passed this test, we move on to your specific content.  This is where our selection criteria becomes a bit difficult to pinpoint.  But the main question we ask ourselves when we see new content is... can we take our eyes off of it?  If we can't stop staring at your content, we know we want to share it.  There is just something about it, that je ne sais quoi, as they say.  Head over to our Instagram page to see plenty of examples of content we love.

Ready to potentially get seen?  Then, tag us, send us a message, or mention us for an opportunity to get your art featured on our page.

Get Seen: Instagram Story

So you have some cool content, but you also have some things you are looking to sell.

Cost: $5/Story

We use stories to share event flyers, promotions, costume designs, and more!  Once we approve your advertisement, we will schedule a time to share it.

Step 1: Send an e-mail of the content you want to share on our story to

Step 2: Get your content approved by Amanda.

Step 3: Go to our MindBody store & select "Instagram Story Fee" to checkout.  Note: you must create an account in MindBody.

Step 4: Once we receive your payment, we will share your content!

And that's it!  Are you ready to get seen by tens of thousands of followers all over the world?  Your journey starts here.