About Us

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Our Story

Belly Dance Network began with an online event directory & a single workshop in Portland, OR, USA in 2017.

Today our mission is to give belly dancers all around the world a platform to get their art seen.

Since 2015, we have traveled around the US, Canada, and Europe attending belly dance events.  These trips were the inspiration for Belly Dance Network.  Due to recent events, we have moved online.  Join us in a class at our NEW online dance school!


Meet the Founder

Amanda (me)


For 10 years, Amanda has been studying the art of belly dance.  She began her training in Orlando, FL & now resides in Portland, OR. In 2015, she began traveling around the world to attend workshops from teachers including Alla Kushnir, Ahmed Hussien, Marta Korzun, Jillina, & many more.  It was shortly after this time that the idea for Belly Dance Network was born.

Trained as an economist, she also knew at a young age that dance held her heart. After much experimentation, she found a way to turn her passion into a network. She now dedicates herself to connecting dancers, sharing content, making dance videos, and running an online dance school.  She looks forward to what the future will bring.


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